Duality of my thoughts

Duality of my thoughts. – I’m the enslaver and the liberator of my thoughts. I decide whom I give my power. I’m balanced, I’m neither in illusions nor I’m in a fearful state of the unknown. I embrace all my experiences and take what serves me in here and now. I aspire to live in reality. 

We all may experience that we are stuck in vicious circle. Could be our dreams and wishes, which we prettify with an illusion. Or our fears and negativity, where we end up in depression. By time we may feel drained of energy, emotional exhaustion and a heaviness, which makes it hard to do the next step to get out of this circle.

Be aware of your thoughts, be aware what you’re repeating everyday in your mind and in the conversations with the people around you. Life is not always beautiful and it pushes us sometimes to our limits. Either we fight it or search for the beautiful seeds and plant them with trust, patience and hope, that we will live in our beautiful garden with our balanced self.

I’m also aware that it’s not easy to confront ourselves with the reality, it takes a lot of courage and self-respect. But remember, we always do it for ourselves, doesn’t matter how many will confirm from outside something as good or bad, we will always be only with ourselves, our thoughts and heart before closing our eyes and going to sleep. And this is what we are practicing every day. 

elsurneb. Barcelona, May 2020.


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